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Utilize Your Mailing List: Newsletters Still Count

Approaching your customers and allowing a conversation to take place is the most important part of business. Many times, it is difficult to reach out naturally and respectfully to your current customers and potential clients. A positive way to start a dialog and volunteer a base level of pertinent information is to send a business newsletter.

There are two avenues for sending a newsletter. Online letters through email are a popular and cost-effective option for your company. The other choice is to send out a print copy of your newsletter. There are pros and cons to both options, so it is crucial to find out which choice is best for your business.

The E-Newsletter

Email is currently the most convenient means of mass communication. The simplicity isn’t easy just for you, it’s accessible to your customers too. Ideally, within minutes after a newsletter is sent out, you can begin real-time conversations with any customer who feels moved to chat with you about your services. Newsletters via email can reach people on their mobile devices, allowing your information to be delivered individually and quickly.

 The downside to online communication is that it can easily be lost in the white noise of overwhelming numbers of spam emails. Everyone dreads the barrage of unwanted information the internet has to offer, and sometimes your newsletter looks like every other piece of junk clogging up an inbox. No matter how much you dress up the body of your email or how clever a title you write, it is unfortunately easy to get tossed by the wayside.

The Paper Newsletter

This is unarguably the best way to get noticed in this day and age. With more and more content moving online, printed pieces are becoming rarer. The uniqueness of your paper newsletter will be eye catching and will stand out in your customer’s mailbox. Whether short and sweet or lengthy and detailed, the printed newsletter can be very engaging. The newsletter will very likely reach a large group of prospective clients who will be able to see the client’s physical copy in his own space..

Two examples of our variety of paper newsletter print options we offer

There are of course, downfalls to this medium. Printing on paper is more expensive. Distribution is less reliable and your newsletter can also be overlooked in the physical pile of mail. Dialog with customers requires more effort on their part. Interesting newsletters rely heavily on design and that might not be what your company is focused on.

One popular direction many businesses are tending toward is the decision to send out both electronic and paper newsletters. This way you can appeal to both groups of consumers-the one that prefers mailed goods and the group that favors all electronically-shared information. In tandem, these two forms of communication can help spread your company’s products, services, and outreach efforts.

Whichever form of newsletter you think is best for you and your business, the fact remains that you will benefit greatly from adding this means of information-sharing into your repertoire of business tactics.

We are available to assist you with either (or both!) of these options. Ajalon can help you compose layout and wording online to send to your valued customers through emails. We can also print paper newsletters of any length, color, or shape and we are happy to help you format your information to get the perfect look you need for your business.

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Print Successfully and Stress-Free for Your Trade Show Expo

There’s nothing quite like a trade show to market your new product. You are bringing your wares and services directly to the people, as well as demonstrating the quality of your staffing, the efficiency of your problem solving, and your ability to present interesting and helpful information about your product.

The world is a visual place, so not only do you need a good looking product but also good looking pamphlets, banners, and promotional items. You want to be memorable and unique, and the take-away information at your booth will aid your success.

a mock vintage look for a photographer's business cards

The best way to engage the potential customer is to get his attention with intriguing  graphics and hold his interest with tangible goods. Flyers and business cards are great ways to captivate your audience.

Promotional items such as pens, mugs, tote bags, etc. help people remember your business long after the show has ended. The most helpful tactics to manage your time and success-rate are all about drawing attention with good looks. An appealing business logo is crucial to bring in customer traffic.

A triptych of wine labels, might be perfect presentation for a wine expo

Ajalon has a team of innovative and talented graphic designers who are available to create business logos, letterhead, business cards, and more. Your needs will be met and your vision will be realized with the graphics constructed here at our offices.

We are also capable of printing a number of items you will need for your expo show. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas.

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SEO for Your Business: Getting Personal

Engaging with your clients naturally is key for the success of your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary way for customers to connect with your business. Keywords, hash tags, content, and pertinent details are all tools that Google uses to direct traffic to your website. As more people rely solely on first impressions, it is crucial to manage your voice on the internet with SEO tricks of the trade.

A great article about SEO

What customers want more than ever is to converse directly and personally with your business. Help hotlines are things of the past. Now, it is expected to offer live chats, Twitter feeds, engaging Facebook posts, and riveting (and often delighting) Instagram photos. And no matter how much research you may conduct, the truly organic and engaging communications come not from apps and computer-processed feeds, but from real people. These successful posts will place you at the top of search engine lists and give your clients and prospective customers positive experiences with you.

The goal for your online, social media content should be this:

  1. Understand the groups you are trying to reach. Don’t study them, engage with them. Listen to them.
  2. Watch for various trends online. What do your clients want out of your services, and what do they seek out?
  3. Make your posts organic. Don’t create an update of cold, calculated information. Your business is about: “From me, to you.” Contextualize and personalize.
  4. Have an aware and enthusiastic person make your posts. Customers can tell when you care and when you absolutely don’t.
  5. Be reliable and consistent with your posts.

It is understandably difficult to manage all the qualities that make for excellent public relations. It takes a lot of work to keep up with an entire population of consumers and customers that have a wide range of interests.

Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media can help manage these extra tasks. We offer consultations and coaching, and have social media packages, making us your prime manager for all your major websites managing customer relations. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ are just a few of the sites that we will help maintain.

Please give us a call regarding your questions and comments and we will be happy to help you with any of your social media needs.

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Timeless Business Tool: Business Cards

Your Card is Your Identity

Business cards have been used for over 400 years and are still just as important a tool as they ever were. In this day and age, with more and more business and social operations migrating to online venues, you might think that the business card is outdated. But the sharing of information, tradition, and connection is unique to the business card and is irreplaceable.

A sample of business cards we have created.

Ajalon prints cards for a wide variety of people. We understand the need to convey personality, professionalism, and individuality. Some of our features that we offer for your customized business cards are:

There are many more options available and our designers can work with you from the ground up, or can incorporate your designs and ideas.

Our gallery design Marie with foil stamps

For more examples of our past work, visit our gallery here. To find more information about our business card printing, visit us here.


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April’s Special: Envelopes

Every month we feature a new special on one of our services. This April, we are offering a 15% discount on our printed envelopes.

A few examples of our clients' envelopes we've designed

Printed envelopes are a necessity for any Sonoma County business. Save 15% on these during the month of April! We print (digitally and offset) a wide variety of envelopes including:

Offer expires on 4/30/14

For more information about our services, please visit us here.

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Client Focus: American AgCredit

Money for Agriculture, American AgCredit

American AgCredit is one of our regular clients. It seems every time I pass the press, we have something being printed!

Founded in 1916, American AgCredit specializes in providing financial services to agricultural and rural customers. They serve customers through 32 branch offices located throughout the Western and Midwestern states, with corporate headquarters based in Santa Rosa, California.

american agcredit rack card and business card

Rack Card and Business Card

american agcredit printed envelope

Printed Envelope

Check out some of the fun projects we have printed for AgCredit, on the American AgCredit Client Focus.


american agcredit printed envelopeI personally love their little truck motif :-)

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Engaging Your Followers on LinkedIn

Engage your LinkedIn audience in 5 easy steps!

LinkedIn is great for forging relationships in the business world. As the largest professional community online, members are 50% more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

  1. Establish your presence – showcase your products and services
  2. Attract followers – join the discussion in groups
  3. Engage followers – be helpful, post once a day in the morning, provide great links to great content
  4. Amplify through the network – use the recommend and share plugins, ask for reviews, feedback and listen to others’ conversations
  5. Analyze and refine – track your progress and set targets

Don’t have time to make this happen? We can assist you!

Want to know more? LinkedIn has a great little publication for ideas:

linkedin document


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Printed Brochures for Small Business

Brochure Printing for Small Businesses

Do you need a way to spread the word about your business and your products? A well-designed brochure might be just the thing you need. Whether mailed out to clients or displayed at your store counter, brochures really help to spread the word.

printed brochure

Use a tri-fold brochure (6 panels) to explain your business, including your mission, your services, your products, and of course, where they can find you.

Petaluma gatefold brocure

Petaluma Endodontics – double gatefold-brochure (8 panels)

Contact info, logos, and legible maps are great things to include on the outside panels of a brochure. Mission statements and a list of services are great things to put on your inside panels.

Photographs and an interesting design will capture your customer’s attention, as well as educate. Don’t forget your brand look and colors to help drive the message across.

There is really no limit to what you can put in your brochure – what do you want to say?

Place your order today, we can guide you in the right direction.

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What Makes A Great Social Media Post?

Great social media posting for small businesses

It never hurts to review why we post, and what we post, for our small businesses.

There are three major reasons:

  1. We are building loyalty with our followers through engagement and delight.
  2. We are bolstering our SEO ranking.
  3. We are spreading the news and gaining exposure for our services and products.

And this is how we do it:

marketo list for social media posts

Social media posting can be a full-time job, so let us know if you need help.

Reblogged by Debbie

PS: Get this handy list and more great ideas here  :-)






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Website Design Trends for 2014

Update your small business website for today’s trends

Websites for small businesses now require mobile compatibility and social media-style thinking. If you are re-developing your site for this year, or starting from scratch, keep user experience in mind.

According to research, the significant trends for 2014 include responsive design, simple design, and storytelling design.

Responsive web design means ditching the old set website rules. Websites now need to be smartphone and tablet friendly. Users want an enjoyable and seamless format, which works horizontally and vertically. getbootstrap.com is the perfect example:


Simple design: think minimalist and uncluttered. White web pages, clean type, and powerful imagery. Avoid trying to put every button imaginable on your site, or excessive design elements, just because. Tell your message as simply as onlycoin.com has:


I love the idea of a storytelling design. Think compelling copy, bold imagery, and fun! Let your story unfold as the user scrolls down the page. printisbig.com is engaging, fun, and picture-book style. I love it!


Call us when you are ready to get started. Jitterbug did!

Written by Debbie

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