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Video Trending for 2015 Marketing

Videos are becoming the most talked about marketing plan for businesses in all fields. Many customers are now viewing content solely through smartphones and tablets, which creates a need for attention grabbing ads. Videos, even short ones, are the perfect way to snag a viewer who is on-the-go.

Businesses are now wondering how to hold the viewer’s attention. There is only a small percentage of video ads that are watched completely to the end. This has increased the need for a larger budget for video production and talented artists and thinkers to come up with engaging content. The length of videos has shortened greatly to ensure that the content is being fully consumed. Often, the attention-grabbing image is presented within the first second to engage the viewers.

While there is a greater need for money spent on videos, there is also greater payoff. Consumers all over now look toward videos to inform their choices, interests, and purchases. Videos bump up SEO and help create pathways into a variety of sites, such as social media platforms, blogs, and main pages. With an investment in video, you will be making an investment in advertising, SEO, and ROI.

Stay up with the trends! Don’t get left behind, there are so many exciting things to work on for this upcoming year!

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Client Focus: Not Yer Momma’s Granola

Not Yer Momma’s Granola is an incredibly delicious treat that is sweeping the Sonoma County food festivals for years and winning all the best prizes for homemade granola. This business is becoming the sweetheart of the North Bay and is gaining more and more attention for the taste and quality that foodies, bakers, and breakfast fiends love. Whitney McEvoy, Irene Gillooly and Susie Falbo are the three friends who started this successful business and we are honored to work with them.

Recently, Not Yer Momma’s product was reviewed in the North Bay Biz magazine as one of the wonderful local goodies us locals love to enjoy. The spotlight showed the granola bags in all their glory and the glowing review along side them made the snacks even more mouthwatering.

Ajalon Print & Web has printed a variety of paper goods to help spread the good word about Not Yer Momma’s Granola. The sticker labels seen on the black granola bags were made as specialty items and business cards were also created for the food product. The local has gone through a colorful transformation and we were very happy to be there for the evolution of this attractive brand.

Don;t forget to check out Not Yer Momma’s Granola wherever you go in Sonoma County. If you are craving  a bag right now, you can swing by the website and order yourself a little something! We hope you enjoy this incredible granola as much as we do!

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Experience Success With Quieter Modern Marketing

Trends are changing to a slower paced society as businesses see customers shying away from instant information. With smartphones giving instant updates 24/7 and every article containing multiple links and videos within its contents, there is a backlash against the barrage of data. Marketing trends are now turning to a “quieter” means of presenting ads and content. 

The new trend that has been seeing great results is the slowing down of information. More businesses are turning toward conversational, content heavy blogging. The number of links found throughout text is lessening to keep the audience more focused on the blog’s main points. Videos are produced more thoroughly to give more than 15 seconds of information to customers. With consumers’ needs becoming more dependent on the level headed and straightforward marketing styles, clear and concise content rules.

Spend your time and money putting out richer, deeper information for your customers. You will get quality and long-term customers to help support your business.

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Use Holiday Party Etiquette for Online Marketing

The holidays are always an interesting time for business marketing. With so much pressure to buy and sell, it’s important not to get lost in the noise of 24/7 commercials, ads, and coupons to get customers to spend more money during the winter months. If you’re planning on ramping up your own offers and specials for the Christmas season, it’s good to keep a few things in mind. The marketing world is like one big mixer, so treat it like one. Treat this time of year online like one big holiday party.

Everybody has those events to attend. Whether it’s an office party, a family get together, or a meet up with old friends, we all have to go out on a limb to make time to mingle. So see this time of year as an opportunity to try out some of the well known tricks during the busiest time of year.

Listen, and often. It is important to hear what other businesses are doing during the holiday season and it is equally important to hear what customers are saying too. Watch and see what successes and failures are being experienced in the marketing pool. Are certain people finding it easier to share with a specific social platform? Are clients needing more business cards that usual? By following these trends, you can find out what discounts and specials you can create and how to best communicate your business’s goals.

Make your rounds. You don’t want to leave anyone out while you’re at your party. Everyone deserves time and therefore plan to make your rounds and pick your battles. Sometimes there are businesses and customers that you aren’t interested in seeing and hearing during this busy time. However, it is important to still tune into those voices. Your business might’ve overlooked an important detail that is being pointed out by your least favorite people. It’s also important to limit your time with your more favored customers and social sites. By cutting off time and energy from other focuses, you can lose opportunities to learn new strategies and marketing tips or miss promising leads.

Make sure to stay positive. People suffer hardships during the holiday season. Stress is a huge factor in the everyday lives of the people you will be interacting with. Remember to be patient with unruly customers and kind to unfriendly businesses. It always allows you to better let go of bad encounters and often pays off in the end. Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Keep your head up online, in your store, and around your fellow businesses.

Stay safe and sane during the crazy marketing madness. By remembering this is only a party, you and your business team can make it through the holidays on top!

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Stay Active Online By Following the Trends

Businesses engaged with social media should always maintain a high level of activity. Getting exposure is important to reach your clients and customers, not only showcasing your new products but also communicating honestly and positively with your followers. Being present, hearing your customers, and making yourself available to your online followers greatly helps your chances of selling products and creating long time customer relationships.

There are countless social media sites out there for your business to join. The best way to stay active and use your time wisely is to follow the popular social media sites as they rise and fall over seasons and years. It is crucial for your business to be involved with the top sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but also try out and maintain newer social platforms, such as Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr. As one site peaks in popularity, you can shift your focus onto the areas with higher traffic and maintain an active presence online.

Making sure that your voice is constant online through various avenues is an important part of your business flourishing both online and off. Showing your customers that you care enough to make an effort to bring them quality posts, great information, caring communication, and constant attention will bring an interest to see what kind of people are behind the products. Staying active and following the trends will reach all communities and allow your potential customers to find you.

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Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here at Ajalon Print & Web we’re hoping you are spending this classic American holiday with the friends and family you hold dear. Thanksgiving is all about enjoying those you love, sharing your time and affection with your own community, and watching a little bit of the historic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This also kickstarts the holiday season and drives a few of us into the shopping frenzy. Full of turkey and stuffing, some brave the Black Friday extravaganza to get deals for the Christmas shopping and New Years gift exchanges inevitably awaiting us.

Only four years ago, Small Business Saturday began as a fantastic idea from American Express. The concept is to support small and local businesses during the beginning of the Christmas shopping sprees and stimulate community living. While some small businesses offer great deals for this day, others simply push more advertising for their products and services to remind their local friends that great gifts can come from their own backyard.

We love our local business clients and would love to help you advertise throughout the winter months of connecting with customers for deals, specials, and more. If you have the perfect holiday gift or are offering New Years deals to help your clients with their resolutions, we can provide the service you need. From printing business cards and signs to creating specialty holiday products to even managing social media during this busy time, we’re here to assist. Contact us for more information here at Ajalon Print & Web and we’ll be standing by.

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Specialty Product for the Holidays and Beyond

Are you looking to show off your customer appreciation this holiday season? Perhaps your business is eager to offer some short-run seasonal products for the Christmas shopping sprees. Even a fresh New Years look might rejuvenate your marketing strategies. Now is the time to order and Ajalon Print & Web is available to a number of printing jobs.

If your business is creating special holiday flavors for your delicious food products, try ordering labels to mark these unique seasonal treats. Holding a New Years raffle to raise money for a fundraiser? We can print those right here!

If you are interested in sending out Thank You gifts to reach out to your valued customers, we not only print but assemble your annual bags and baskets.

Try updating your business with a new look for the new year. Whether giving yourself a temporary winter makeover or trying an updated logo, we will design and print your business cards, brochures, and even shop signs!

Stop by today in inquire about your printing jobs. Ajalon Print & Web is waiting for you!

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Current Marketing Trends: A Visual World

Businesses of every kind are now focusing more and more on visual data to reach customers. While a website may seem to have a lot of visual language reaching consumers, photos, gifs, and infographics are the main sources of interest across the board. These need to be implemented throughout your business image to catch your customers’ attention and make sure they visit again and again.

More than ever, social media has been ramping up to accommodate picture sharing and video embedding. These opportunities to include content like employee video picks of the week, customer appreciation pictures, or how-to graphics are chances you don’t want to miss. Every day should be some sort of outreach to the new visual interests the consumers have.

Make your content easy to share. Brand your business so it is photo-friendly. Give your customers the opportunity to meet your company members and interact with them. Ask your customers to create their own artistic take on your products and services and share with you and others online. The more room your business allows for pictures and videos, the more you will connect with consumers.

It is crucial to share your business in the visual world so start now. If you need help getting started with picture sharing sites, printed material, or graphic design, contact Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media for assistance now!

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Print Services and Specialty Products

The ability to print business pieces for any occasion is a skill we at Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media pride ourselves in. With a wide array of customers specializing in a number of products and services, we make sure that those local businesses are provided with top quality goods from our shop to help them succeed in the community. Ajalon believes that the only thing better than an excellent product is excellent marketing, so we are dedicated to creating the ideal paper goods and specialty pieces for your unique business.

From brochures, book binding, and business cards to specialty stickers and calendars, We are capable of printing anything. Here are a few of the pieces we have done for our clients:

If you would like to know more about our printing services, visit us at our Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media site. For more information on our other services like social media management and graphic design, click through the links.

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How to Name Your Business

Discovering the perfect name for your business is a tricky and extremely important moment. A name says everything about a business. It is the first, and often longest lasting, impression you will make on your customers. A business name should reflect the services provided by your business with simple logic. It should be catchy, memorable, and original. But how do you even begin choosing the name?

Write down all the qualities of your business in descriptive words. Start simple and grow to more creative words that might not frequent your day-to-day. Ask for help. An outside opinion will give you fresh ideas. Once you’ve written out your list, mix and match the words. You will come up with some combinations that might surprise you. This is a very effective way to get started.

One important thing to remember about your business’s name is that is is crucial that the name sounds good out loud and looks great on the page. Perhaps a clever literary lilt seems fine written down, but just can’t quite sound right when spoken. On the other hand, a wonderful name can sound normal but the written version is a wreck. Keep in mind, your words will run together when you create a website. Make sure your business’s name is legible in that format.

Call a friend and tell them the name of your business. If he has to ask you twice what the business was called, you might want to reconsider your top pick. It is important to be able to tell people about your business without them left wondering what it is. Simple, clever, and direct are the best qualities you can go for.

Naming your business is daunting, but it is a process you must grapple with. Once a name is chosen, branding and marketing can begin immediately. Your business’s image might even change unexpectedly due to its name. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one, however. There are just some parts of business that are still intuitive!

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