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Website Aesthetics For Your Business

The most important thing you can do to grab a customer’s attention is to show them something beautiful. Since you are providing the perfect products and services to the consumers you ideally want to attract, you know what will attract them. The best way to do this is to make your business website immediately interesting and easy to use.

It is essential to work with a designer who understands website layout. Your home page and the click through sites are need to harmonize that look good together and can make visual sense. Text details, colors, and graphics not only need to work well to reflect your business’s mission, but an organized and interesting site should be more than basic and natural. Sites need to inspire a visceral response. If you’re a restaurant, show photographs of the most beautifully prepared chef specials. If you’re a bike shop, have well illustrated diagrams of gears or maps of riding trails. Run a graphic design firm? Showcase your best work for well known businesses.

The website itself needs to be beautiful. Like a well-wrapped gift, the initial vision of a business’s online presence must be crisp, clean, modern, and well-directed. If you can reach your target audience with the appropriate images, then you’ve got it made.

For a fun article on making your web graphics fail proof, read this short piece. And for more information on business websites, visit Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media for tips, tricks, and services.

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Congratulations to the “Best of Sonoma County” 2014 Winners!

Every year the local paper for Sonoma County in Northern California releases the Best Of edition. Readers of the Press Democrat of all kinds of ages, persuasions, and interests vote for their favorite businesses to help guide newcomers and natives alike to the cream of the crop. The annual event and subsequent magazine create the handbook for the next year’s dining, visiting, and shopping extravaganzas for the whole area.

This year, Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media is proud to announce that three of our business clients have won Best Of awards for this year’s publication. Our small business works with clients from around the world, but we still champion our fellow Sonoma County companies that serve our community and the incredible people in it.

Phillips Family Dental Care won Best Dentist 2014, which is the second award in a row! This dental office has a friendly and comfortable location and the patients just love the staff. We were pleased to print the stationery set for this business, both envelopes and letterhead for correspondence with the patients.

Dr. Frank Cercone and Dr. Charles Wear won Best Orthodontists 2014 and we think we know why! These gentlemen run a tight ship at their office and make people of all ages comfortable coming in a getting the highest quality treatment. Ajalon printed this certificate for free Baskin Robbins ice cream for participating locations that the “Smile Doctors” ordered up for their patients! What a treat!

The incredible Bike Peddler won Best Bike Shop 2014. This business has been in Santa Rosa for decades and continues serving the community, keeping them geared up for any kind of weather, trail, or vacation. We had the pleasure of printing these business cards and hope to stop in for some great gear soon.

Thanks to all the businesses in Sonoma County, no matter who you are. It’s a great opportunity to be able to serve our community and we love that everyone is adding to the positive experiences of these neighborhoods. But we’re very proud to say congrats to these three businesses we had the pleasure of work with. Great job!

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Client Focus: Redwoods Monastery

Deep in the heart of the Lost Coast of Northern California, the Redwoods Monastery is a community of women following the Roman Catholic religion in a place of sanctuary. This beautiful location was established in 1962 and has been kept up by the monastics among the redwood groves and Mattole River banks. While following their life of prayer and mediation, the women are involved in gardening, harvesting, and bee keeping.

Redwoods Monastery offers their incredible product Monastery Creamed Honey for purchase. We’ve been very happy to be a part of this incredible process marketing and producing the paper goods for this delicious product. The creamed honey comes in 100% natural flavors like cinnamon, anise, almond, and orange.

Our designers and printers have created many business products for Redwoods Monastery. Stationery and envelopes, honey order forms, and brochures about the honey and flavors have all been processed through our location.

We urge you to visit the Redwoods Monastery website to read about their mission and see photos of their property. To learn more about the honey and how to purchase it, visit the online order page here. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to taste this honey and support this incredible community.

For information about our printing capabilities, stop by Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media for a list of options we will be happy to provide for you.

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Current Marketing Trend: The Big Picture

How do you envision your business in the modern world? No matter what industry you work in or what kind of consumer market you are trying to reach, companies need to exist in the digital world. A graceful combination of online presence and offline product will harmonize and reach the wide variety of customers you want to reach.

While most businesses already have a website, they might not be accessing all the wonderful social media sites and apps that will improve their image. Not everyone searches for businesses through Yelp or Google Search. Many people find out about their next visit to a shop, restaurant, or service station with a little help from friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. A visit to Flickr, Vine, YouTube, or Instagram might show customers pictures of your products, warehouse, or menu that will sway them to ditch their old habits and try your services.

Many customers are using apps like Foursquare and Yelp to check in to your locations to let other people know where they’re been. Artful photography now showcases meals, products, and business celebrities that are tagged and shared daily. People are dying to share their opinions with the world and have the opportunity to do so with a variety of apps that cross-post to share with all their friends.

So be known and be present to catch all those tags and check-ins with your own involvement in online profiles. Put yourself in a position to see the big picture-with your name on all the well-known social sites, you can monitor feedback, feature customers’ photographs, and offer bonuses for fans who love to show off your products on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Cross pollinate your business sites with ads and specials for other apps you’ve joined to heighten traffic.

What sites are you interested in joining? If you need guidance to find the right apps for you, contact us at Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media for more information. We have business specials and more for you to check out now.

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Client Focus: Matos Cheese Factory

Matos Cheese Factory is a beloved client of ours, having worked with us since 1989. Joe and Mary Matos grew up on the island of Sao Jorge off the coast of Portugal, an area known for its fine cheeses. In the 1970s, the family moved to Santa Rosa, CA, bringing with them a traditional cheese recipe, and opened their own business.

Joe and Mary keep their own shop open and, for a great local experience, it’s fun to visit their location. For cheese tasting and purchasing of the incredible St. Jorge cheese, just head up the driveway to their store and they’ll help your themselves!

We’ve been creating specialty products for this local business for decades. The stickers you see on the wedges and wheels were created here in the shop. Spaces are left for the family to mark down which day the product was made, and the stickers are water resistant to avoid buckling and tearing with moisture.

If you love local food, head over to say hi to the Matos family here in town. And if you need specialty products, contact us at Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media. We’ll be waiting!

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Combine Your Social Media Sites For Excellent Networking

Social media is a tightly knit community of sites and apps for sharing information. Not only is it important to be dialed in to the most popular sites to showcase you business, but it is crucial to connect your various online profiles together for cross-reference.

New web updates allow you to share photos, articles, and text posts on multiple platforms at once. While this may seem repetitive at first, you must remember that your customers have their own site-of-choice. While young folks like Instagram and Twitter, older customers might use Google Plus and Facebook more often. By carefully selecting the sites to share, you can reach all of your followers at once.

One of the helpful ways to do this is to start from the right platform. If you take a photo on Instagram, the share option allows you to choose to post the picture on your own Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts as well. Hootsuite lets you choose multiple accounts to post on, from different Facebook profiles to dozens of other sites like LinkedIN, Blogger, and Vimeo.

Do you need help learning these sites? Contact us at Ajalon Print, Web, & Design for our tutorials and business packages to teach you how to be a social media wizard!

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October 2014 Special: Business Cards

This Halloween season, we are very excited to announce our new monthly special. Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media is now featuring a big discount on business cards. When you order 500 business cards, you’ll get the next 500 free! You will get custom, personalized business cards for only half the price!

We have many different ways to print your cards. Ajalon can create your product with digital, offset, or even letterpress printers. 

We also have graphic designers on site to help perfect your logo and look to reach your customers and help you network.

Contact us at Ajalon Print, Web, & Design and we will get your order started immediately! Offer ends 10/31/14

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Logos: Before and After

The best thing you can do for your business is modernize. The times are changing and it is important to keep up with an ever-moving world. Don’t let your business image fall by the wayside while you manage other aspects. The business logo is a summary of who you are and what your business stands for. While some logos can withstand the test of time, most need a little elbow grease and a whole lot of refurbishing.

Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media is a business that is happy to generate a logo that reflects your new and improved business. Not only are we able to create images from scratch, but we have updated looks from other designers’ work, as well as our own!

Pacific Coast E&S Insurance is one of our terrific customers. Five years ago, we designed and printed a logo for the Santa Rosa-based business. The basic blue and simple design was a straightforward image that suited the company’s image at the time. With the growth of business and the desire to stay hip and modern, once again Pacific Coast Insurance approached us for a new look. The updated logo was fresh and colorful with young, energetic colors and shapes.

G&C Auto Body is another one of our customers we were lucky to work with many times. With a logo concept that didn’t change, G&C wanted to update the overall look of their images and pamphlets. Ajalon’s original logo colors became more contrasting and the text more direct. We also offered a pamphlet that was bilingual, to reach more customers.

Would you like an update for your logo? Contact us at Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media for your new look today.

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Which Is Which: Is Letterpress of Digital Better For You?

Your business is in need of a print job and the question is: what should my project look like? There are many methods available and it’s best to know what options are out there to help aid your vision. While digital printing has seemingly endless options, letterpress is another consideration you may want to look at.

Digital printing can hit the whole scope of colors, sizes, and quantities of what you might need. Paper thickness is not a problem and the types of paper available, color- and consistency-wise, are numerous.

Letterpress has its limitations, but the outcome is incredibly beautiful. Type setting the job requires total accuracy, so the pieces are all works of art. The color availability is based on a Pantone color wheel, which allows artful inks to be mixed and applied. Letterpress works with more simplistic designs, but can handle more complicated images if need be.

Letterpress and digital can be combined. There are ways to cut down the cost of the handmade letterpress pieces by doing lettering or complimentary design work on the digital printer. The look is modern and will not go unnoticed.

What works best for your business? If you have any questions regarding services or printing, contact Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media for a consultation today and we’ll be happy to help you decide what is right!

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Ajalon Quality Printing Services

Your business is in need of quality printing services and Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media is at your service. With an experienced team of designers and printers, your paper goods will be handled and created to suit your visions. From business cards to customized products, we will meet your needs for business projects.

What do you need to succeed in the business world? Communication is key. There is no better way to reach out and make an impression than with tangible gestures. While a business card shows your professionalism and officiates your desire to connect, letterhead and pamphlets punctuate your statements with dedication and efficiency.

Do you need to host a seminar or present at a trade show? Ajalon is happy to create brochures, catalogs, and even banners. No job is too big or small and we understand deadlines and quality control.

Your business is important to us. Succeeding is a battle without the proper tools, but with Ajalon, your profit is only a cakewalk. Our team is happy to take on your projects and fine-tune them to make a final products that exceeds your expectations. Letterpress and digital printing are both offered here, and we have book binding capabilities for any larger projects you may have.

Are you in need for more, more, more? Take a look at our social media work if you’d like to get online. Our social platform coordinator will set you up with a public relations skill base to keep you connected and on your feet.

Contact us at Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media with any questions or comments and we look forward to hearing from you!

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