Innovation and Versatility

We had an open house recently for the members in our Sonoma County Executives business networking and referral group. The planning took weeks and everyone got involved in the preparations. It was sort of like having the entire family over to your house for a holiday meal, only in July. The weather cooperated beautifully, as…
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The Virtues of Patience and Perseverance

I was hiking Saturday on a trail that was new to me and encountered something really striking. I was climbing on the Oat Hill Mine Road trail which begins at the town of Calistoga in the northern end of the Napa Valley. I came upon many instances of where the wagon wheels had created grooves…
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Sustainable, Green, Environmental These are words that are used a lot today when talking about conducting business. Here at Ajalon Printing & Design, they are not just catchwords we recently started using. For over twenty years we have always sought to reducce, reuse and recycle. Twenty years ago it was difficult to find somebody who…
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