Why Print is Green

Some eye opening facts about how printed pieces actually help save the planet!

I am a printer and I don’t make any apologies about that. Some facts I recently came across opened my eyes and showed me how printing is green. We’ve all heard about all the trees that are cut down to make the Sunday edition of the New York Times, and printing has received some bad press about its impact on global warming.

However, when all the factors are considered, a printed piece is actually greener than your computer screen. How?

At Ajalon Printing & Design we use Forest Certified Council paper. This means that the wood is from a well-managed forest, so that you can be confident that responsible forest practices are being rewarded, benefiting people and nature, around the world.

Paper and printed communications have been around for a long time and have practiced sustainable and responsible practices for many years. The electronics industry, up to now, has had less experience looking at the total environmental cost of its products.

The mountains of discarded computer screens and electronic circuit boards are just beginning to be dealt with and their impact acknowledged. CBS 60 Minutes recently aired a jaw-dropping segment about how much of our e-waste is really being recycled.

When we print your business cards or brochures we are always looking for green, sustainable practices that save you money. The many loyal, local companies that look to Ajalon for their business printing needs can be confident that they are supporting a green environment.

Want to learn more? Here are some helpful links:

American Forest and Paper Association – lots of facts on paper and recycling statistics.

International Paper – Pixels vs. Paper and other brochures from its Down to Earth series.

Mobile Marketing Association – offers case studies that show print, text messaging, and website used effectively.

The Print Council – download a compelling document outlining 10 ways can grow your business.

Print in the Mix – a continuously updated site with news and research on printing as well as case studies.

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