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It used to be that books were something that big, mega sized companies published and the rest of us bought  in bookstores. But that is no more.  Ajalon Printing & Design has printed as few as 20 books for a gentleman from Oakmont.  Conversely, we have printed tens of thousands of books for John Lee MD Solutions in Sebastopol.

With the computer and the digital world upon us, it is possible to print most any size or quantity of books.  It can be a short run of poetry books for a reading in Petaluma or the book faire in Santa Rosa.  We can do perfect binding (soft bound), so that the book looks like a regular trade paperback.

Or for that especially precious biography, we can do a hard cover book in a large or small quantity.

We do many different types of binding from plastic spiral binding or comb binding.  Wire-0 or velo binding.   Or the traditional saddle stitched pamphlet or chapbook.

We love helping our clients with their books.  For some people this might mean even scanning something previously printed for which there is no digital file.  Scanning can be done quickly and it is a lot easier than retyping many pages.

Some people bring in books created in Microsoft Word and we can format them for printing into a book of a traditional size paperback.  We can add art or pictures to a book and help in the layout.

So book printing is right up our alley.  We have been helping folks from all over Sonoma County with their bookmaking needs.  After we do a book, often times people bring in their friends so that we can help them.

With our letterpress we can produce beautiful poetry books where the type kisses the fine 100% cotton paper and leaves a sweet impression.  The quality of the written document literally makes an impression that is beautiful and classic.

So we aren't one of those big publishing houses, but if you want to self publish a book or just get a few copies of a manual printed, Ajalon Printing can help you.  Give us a call today.

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