Buyable Pins – Buying and Selling on Pinterest

In June, Pinterest announced some news that could potentially make them one of the biggest power players in e-commerce.

Pinterest, a long-time social media player, has always been an invaluable resource for companies to advertise their products for free. However, last year they started branching out and allowing businesses, both big and small, to pay for advertising by promoting "pins." This allows businesses to target their core demographics in specific locations around the United States.

By tracking impressions, repins, clicks, and more, its a great way to reach customers who are searching for, or have shown interest in, what companies have to offer, as well as seeing what products their client base prefer.

Since the addition of Promoted Pins back in Spring 2014, all eyes have been on the social media platform to see what they would do next. That brings us to June 2015.

The newest addition to the website that has everyone talking is Buyable Pins. Now instead of just promoting your products on the site, you can now sell your items to those that show interest. The new blue "buy it" button has already began to appear on iPhones and iPads within the U.S. and will continue to expand to a broader audience.

According to Pinterest, here is how Buyable Pins work:

Blue means you can buy!
  • You’ll start seeing Buyable Pins all over Pinterest—in the home feed, on boards and in search results. If a Pin has a blue price, it means you can buy it.
  • Say you’re on the hunt for a new jacket. Try a search, then swipe through all the Buyable Pins at the top of your search results. Filter by price to hone in on the right Pin for you.
  • You can even compare all your color choices, right on the Pin itself. Not ready to buy yet? Pin your favorite option and come back to it later.
buyable pins on Pinterest how it works
Are you interested in promoting your pins or selling your products on Pinterest? Currently Buyable Pins are only available to select U.S. retailers and businesses using e-commerce platforms Shopify or Demandware. If you're company doesn't currently use either platform to sell your products, you can sign up on their waitlist and Pinterest will let you know when Buyable Pins become available for you.

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