Catalogs for the 2012 Holiday Season

Get your catalogs ready for the holidays!

If you are a retail or wholesale business, catalogs are probably one of your biggest printed marketing materials. Do you market your goods to customers with catalogs during the holiday season?

We are already half-way through with 2012, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the year is going to fly by equally as fast. Be sure you are prepared for the upcoming holiday months with a mail order catalog!

Depending on the types of products you want to showcase, different textured papers, fonts, and graphics will make your catalog stand out from the junk mail. Having excellent content, including plenty of high resolution images, will work to market your goods all in one effortless mailing.

No matter if you have a 50 or 500 page catalog, Ajalon Print, Web & Social Media can help you print and distribute it! Contact us today to determine where to begin in your catalog marketing endeavors, and watch business boom!

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