Client Focus: Big Eleven Vineyard

One last hurrah for Big Eleven!

big-eleven-vineyard-last-hurrah-wine-labelFor nearly a decade we have been lucky enough to work with the always clever and funny folks over at Big Eleven Vineyard. The husband and wife duo of Jim and Dotty Walters have been cranking out small-case Zinfandel and Zin blends for 30 years. After all this time, this jovial pair is putting away the wine press and picking up the corkscrew. We wish this lovely couple a wonderful retirement. It's been a pleasure working with you for all these years.

Time for a walk down memory lane..

For a snapshot of our long printing partnership, here are a few of our favorite labels:

2007 buddi blen zin wine label

Do you love your dog? Do you love him enough to print him on your wine label? Clearly the folks at Big Eleven Vineyards do!

funny 2008 zinfandel healdsburg wine label

Life is too short not to have a little fun when times are tough. Pre-Recession Zin anyone?

funny political zin wine label

This patriotic label is full of political humor and is sure to get a laugh "regardless of party affiliation."

big 11 vineyards 2013 zin wine label

This one is definitely a favorite. Experiencing a bad growing season? Not all is lost. If your "Big Eleven" that just means it's time to BB&S (Beg, Borrow and Steal).

Big eleven vinette hilarious red wine label

The mother of all red wines, huh? This is a prime example of humor from this creative and witty duo.

All of us here at Ajalon wish Dotty and Jim a happy retirement. Here's hoping your creative labeling has inspired a few more comedic winemakers out there. Our printers are ready and waiting.

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