Client Focus: Empire West Inc.

Ceilume - Ceiling Tiles and Panels

Another Sonoma County gem, Ceilume, is the brainchild behind the wonderful folks at Empire West Inc. This Graton, California-based company has been featured on a variety of shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Chelsea Lately, as well as Man Caves and House Crashers. With over 40 styles, they have something for everyone. Their Class A rated, rigid vinyl plastic tiles are not only lightweight and easy to install, they are also waterproof, mildew-free, mold-free, and recyclable.

Ceilume's Guiding Principles

  1. Be authentic. Don't pretend to be something we're not.
  2. Be empathetic. Truly understand our customers' perspectives.
  3. Be transparent. Practice honesty...even when it's uncomfortable.
  4. Be generous. Prioritize our customers, our employees, and our community.
  5. Be humorous. Even ceiling tiles can be entertaining.
  6. Be unique. Stand out even in the most crowded marketplace.
  7. Be profitable. Financial stability allows us to provide great products (and legendary customer service!).

ceilume ceiling tile company digital printed brochure

For over a decade we have been lucky enough to print for both Empire West Inc., as well as Ceilume. Although heavily into online advertising, when it comes to paper marketing, Ceilume goes though Ajalon for its printed brochures, flyers, packing cards, and catalogs. With their business continuing to grow, we look forward to another decade as their printer of choice.

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