Client Focus: G & C Auto Body

Advertising is an essential part of a successful business.  Our featured client definitely sets an industry standard when it comes to style and creativity.

G & C Auto Body

G & C Auto Body has been owned and operated by the Crozat family since the early 70's. As a philanthropist's and business man, Gene started the Crozat Family Foundation and began giving back to the community by donating repaired automobiles to needy families throughout Sonoma County - a tradition that has continued since his passing in 2016.uv coated double sided foil business cards

We have had the pleasure of printing for G & C Auto Body - now with 11 locations - for several years.  A few of the products we have printed for them are off-set, uv coated business cards , brochures, and hang tags. As well as full-color, digital calendars for the last seven years.  In addition to printing for their business, the Crozat family has also chosen us to print their foil stamped business cards, envelopes and letterhead for their foundation.

custom printed envelope business card

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