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Email vs Printing: Are You Achieving Your Desired Response Rates?

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Technology has taken the world by storm! With everything headed towards electronic delivery, your inboxes are overloaded with email.  You don't always have time to sit and read everything, your lucky if you can get through the important stuff, right?

Well, for one of our clients, this has become a reality. It seems that the majority of her customers are not reading the informative newsletters that she is sending via email. For a business owner, This is bad news! So, why are they not reading it? My guess is that the newsletter was nestled so nicely between a couple of repetitive retail ads and after countless bouts of email overload, it was probably overlooked. This is not what was intended to happen, but it does.

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If you are like some businesses, you rely on a newsletter as the communication tool between you and your customers. How can you effectively do that if your just another email in a virtual abyss?  For some or our customers, that was no longer an option. They have decided that printing their company's newsletter is the way to go.  They tend to be much less overlooked, and produce higher response rates.

If your still struggling to chose the right option for you, I say try both?  Using print in conjunction with email is a great way to cover all your population bases.

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