Custom Postcards to Advertise your Small Business

Postcards are an inexpensive way to reach out and get in touch with current and potential clients and advertise your small business. As opposed to newsletters, brochures, flyers or other forms of promotional printing, postcards and rack cards tend to be less expensive to print and mail (only $.35 as opposed to $.49 or more).

full color advertising postcard for businesses

One of the benefits of using this form of print advertising is that it's short and sweet. There is no need to open it in order to be read, so it has an immediate impact. Though newsletters and flyers can contain more information than a postcard, they take a greater time commitment from consumers in order to be opened and read. This short and sweet method gives you a guaranteed 100% open rate, which no other form of mail can offer.

digital printed postcard for dental office

Postcard tips:

  • Personalize your postcards for better response rates.
  • Use oversize postcards so they stand out amongst other advertising. Maximum size to mail at postcard rate is 6″x4.25″.
  • Be sure your postcard meets the USPS aspect ratio (divide the length by height. Result must be between 1.3 and 2.5).
  • If we deliver to a mail house or letter shop, you do not have to pay sales tax.

advertising postcard for berkins moving company

Are you interested in creating custom postcards to advertise your small business? Contact us today with any question or to place an order!


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