Digital vs Letterpress
How To Decide Which Print Method Is Right For You

Do you know the difference between digital and letterpress printing?

Most people have no desire to know, that is, until you need 1000 fancy invitations or 10 boxes of business cards printed...right now. Depending on which method you choose, time and cost will differ.

Custom printed letterpress and foil business event invitation

dvandyke business card letterpress

Letterpress is nothing short of fascinating, take a look.  Everything printed in letterpress is actually just as it sounds. The letters and images are pressed via plate onto paper so you can not only see the detail but you can feel it as well. Keep in mind, letterpress costs much more than digital and takes significantly more time. If your looking to impress with extraordinary detail, and want the elegance and antiquity that comes along with letterpress, than this method may be what you're looking for.

Digitally printed postcards for local Sonoma County Businesses

Rana custom printed digital invitation

Digital printing is much more cost effective. If your wanting to print in higher quantities and save money, digital is the way to go. This doesn't mean you won't get a great, high quality product. With digital, there are endless possibilities and way more customizable options. The digital printing process simply takes an image from a computer and prints it directly onto the paper. The letters and images are not raised nor are they pressed into the paper, they lay flat and the detail cannot be felt like with letterpress.  Digital is a great way to produce more while sticking to a budget.

Still can't decide? visit our website or give us a call, we will set your mind at ease and handle all the details for you.

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