Email Marketing: Spreading the Word

Keep customers up to date with emails!

Are you reaching your Sonoma County customers on a regular basis? There are tons of ways to market your goods and services, and implementing an e-mail list is one of the easiest ways to create a following. Here are the basics on setting up your new marketing strategy: 

email marketing


How will you accumulate contacts to send your emails to? Having a physical sign up sheet at your check-out area is a perfect place to begin. You can also use a sign up form on your business webpage.

Don’t put anyone on your mailing list that did not sign up themselves. Having a customer trust your brand with their private information is a privilege you do not want to abuse.


Creating genuine and engaging content in your emails and newsletters will keep your customers returning for more. Updates, specials and deals, and more eye-catching material should be shared. The better the content, the better the chance it will be passed on to a new customer!


After you have created your mailing list and decided on your content, think about how often you want to reach out. We think one email per month is the minimum, but be careful not to overwhelm your customers with too many emails as well. Creating a successful strategy and sticking to it will have the most impact on your followers.

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