How To Make Your Business Cards Unforgettable

Business cards are a necessity, so the question is not if you will need them, but when you will need them.

We have already blogged about how important a great looking business card is to your company. Now let's talk about what kinds of enhancements can give your business cards that extra "wow" factor.

The standard white card with one ink is ok if you just want someone to have your number stuffed in their wallet. But if you're looking to be more than a space holder, here are a few ideas to help kick it up a notch.



Having that extra eye catching flare can be as easy as adding foil.  This will give your customers the idea that your company is willing to go that extra mile and image is important to you.




There is something special about letterpress.  Every character is carefully pressed into soft cotton paper leaving behind quality and sophistication that you can see and feel.

dvandyke business card letterpress

alisa michelle designs



Having your business cards printed on custom paper allows you to choose textures and colors that closely resemble your company's product design. 


Having quality printed marketing tools is important for any business.  We work diligently with you to meet all your printing needs in a timely, stress free fashion. Let us do the hard work so that you don't have to!

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