How to be Found on the Internet

You know people are looking for what you want to sell on the internet.  It is essential to optimize your site for the search engines to find you if you want to be successful with your website.

The first thing to do is determine the keywords  people are using when they are seeking the type of product you are offering.  It is not necessary to guess what words they are using.  With the internet, all that information is kept track of and compiled.  This may be scary, but it is oh so useful.

We can find out what exact phrases are being used by real people in real time to search for different, related items.  What combination of words and the order of words.  It is then possible to produce content on your website  that matches the way people are searching.  The closer  the match the more likely the search engine will rank you for the search.

Ajalon can research which key phrases are most appropriate to bring you the most qualified traffic.  And it is often possible to find other possible phrases that might not be immediately evident to you.

Once you know what the phrases are that people are using to search for your products, you must build them into your website.  You can use this information to improve your search engine rankings and build content in and on your site that strengthens the site for keyword searches and increases your conversion rate.

This keyword search and content creation must be focused on what your customers are looking for.  You must create content that is attractive to your audience.  It must be interesting to them and satisfy a need they feel.

Written by David Walrath

Ajalon Printing & Design

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