Locally Owned & Operated!


Ajalon's very own second-generation owners, Nicholas and Irene Ammar (and their son Olen) with mascots Jordi and Tahmoh.



Keeping our business local has more benefits than we sometimes realize.

Small business owners are more likely to recycle their revenue back into the place where they live and work. They generally are first on the list when support is needed for local youth sports, community events, and charities. And, when tragic wildfires ravaged our community, local businesses and residents came together to aid in whatever relief efforts were needed by offering free services and goods.

Having a greater population of small local companies means that you will benefit from personalized service, sales, and specials tailored to your needs. Have you ever needed something and went to a big box store just to find that they are out, only receive random items on their trucks, and have no idea when you can expect more? This is frustrating and inconvenient. Your local ma and pa store has the ability to get you the product, if they do not already have it, quicker and often times, cheaper. Not to mention, they also have the ability to structure jobs with better wages, benefits and perks.

And, if this isn't enough, these small business owners are our friends and neighbors. They work hard to improve our communities well being. They care about the impact their businesses have on everyone of us. So with 2017 behind us and 2018 in full swing, let's remember our neighborhood local businesses and all the ways they keep our community thriving. We owe it to ourselves.

Keep it local!

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