nonprofit printing

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We Can Save Nonprofits Time & Money On Printing!

Printed materials are an effective way for your nonprofit to reach donors, generate contributions, and create awareness for your particular organization.  By working side by side with you, we can offer expert design advice and cost cutting solutions, keeping your workload to a minimum.

Appeal Letters: Donor appeal letters demonstrate care and commitment to your donors and prospects. Anyone can send an email, but a well run organization will go the extra step to personally write, sign, and mail letters asking for support. Remember to include remit envelopes, this will make it easier for your donors to give.

Postcards:  Postcards are an effective and affordable way to keep your nonprofit organization in front of donors and prospects more regularly. Your postcard should be short and sweet focusing on one particular point or action needed.

Brochures: Your nonprofit brochure details what your cause is all about, how you're funded, and what you do with those funds. Having a professional, well designed brochure is essential to any organization and should highlight the benefits your donor's funds provide and why you need additional funds in the upcoming year. 

Letterhead: Sending a personalized thank you letter to your donors lets them know you recognize and appreciate their generosity. Personalized letterhead is a cost effective way to make your organization look professional while maintaining that personal feel.

Event Invitations: Organizing a fundraising event can be an important source of revenue for your nonprofit. Having a successful turnout starts with a well-designed invitation. 

Annual Reports:  Having a detailed, well printed, and easy to follow annual report is important for your donors and prospects. It is essential for anyone giving time and money to know how their contributions are being used, how they have made a difference, and what the projected goals are for the upcoming year.

Nonprofit Mail Services: Every nonprofit relies on the mail system as an effective way to reach donors and prospects.  We provide hassle free mailing services including, stuffing and addressing, to help keep your organization on time and on track. 

If you're interested in finding out more about other items we can custom print for your nonprofit, give us a call, we will do whatever it takes to help your charity produce successful results.

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