People are looking for what you want to sell

When you sit down and think about it, most of the people who will be visiting your web site will have put some words into a search engine that they think will help them find what they want.  People do not just turn their computer on and presto, find you.

The Good News

Following from this observation you know something important. When visitors come to your site they are looking for something. More importantly, they are looking for something that is on your site.

This is tremendous.  It is like somebody walking into your store who wants to buy.  This is an ideal marketing situation.  You don't have to capture their attention and you know they are willing to buy.  You don't have to distract or attract them, they've come to your site willingly.

In traditional advertising or marketing, a lot of money is often spent just to get qualified leads.  With internet marketing you start with a qualified lead because anybody who comes to your site found you because of something on your site.  They are looking for what you have.

This was the appeal of yellow page advertising.  You wanted to have an ad in the yellow pages because if people picked up the book to look they were committed and serious.  Yellow page advertising has been falling off  precipitously because business owners have learned that consumers are not searching the yellow pages as much, but are using their computers to find what they are looking for.

Even people who don't have computers go to the library to use a computer to find a car or whatever they are looking for.

And, it's not just young people. Every age group is participating.  The other day when I was in the Apple Store drooling over the new iPad, I noticed around the display table that there was one person so young that their head barely reached over the table and there was a couple on the other side that could have been her great-grandparents.  Young and old alike are using computers to search for what they want.

We will continue in our next blog discussing how you can attract those eyes that are looking for your product or service.

Written by David Walrath

Ajalon Printing & Design

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