Back to School: Printing for Instructors

Books and Readers for Your Students

Are you an instructor preparing for the 2012-13 school year? Whether you are a middle school, high school, or college level professor, you probably use a whole lot of printed materials throughout the school year.


Where do you usually copy your class materials? Let Ajalon print your handouts for you to ensure print quality. Great information leads to great knowledge!


Some instructors choose to copy and distribute certain chapters of different books to their students, instead of requiring them to buy multiple textbooks. Compile all of these articles and let Ajalon bind them into readers for your students.


Have you written a book to coincide with your class? Ajalon can work with you to bind your book into a tangible object for students to read. We have many different bindery options available for your books.

Contact us today to get started on printing your 2012-13 class materials!

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