SEO and Video: A Perfect Marriage

The struggle to gain successful search engine optimization (SEO) is a never ending battle. The game is constantly changing with new technology, the rise and fall of trendy websites, and annual algorithm updates by Google and other search sites. Businesses have to get crafty to remain on top in the media scramble for King-of-the-Hill. Recently, social platform sites are merging with business blogs to help establish a popular avenue for customer traffic: videos.

Videos are a focal point for consumers and utilizing the medium can only improve website traffic on your company blog. It may seem contrary to how SEO works, but don't be fooled. Essentially, search engine optimization scans for key words and phrases throughout your business blog and website. Combined with the length of time viewers spend on your pages, SEO ranks you and places you accordingly on the pages that show up on search engine sites. By including videos, your business will benefit greatly and use these basic qualities of SEO to work to your advantage.

When a site visitor clicks on a video, the length of time spent on the web page spans at least the entirety of the clip. This automatically bumps up your SEO rating. The video requires quality content to keep the viewer's interest, but in order to grab her attention initially, the video description and title need to be filled with key words and detailed descriptions to pique interests.

Make sure that your video content is relevant to your business's goals, products, and services. Make your overall themes consistent and find a voice that matches your company's attitude. Are you more process oriented? Do you want to focus on the customer service quality and feature your employees? Are you fun, serious, educational? Ask yourself these questions, generate content, and start posting.

For more information regarding the management of business blogs, video content, and SEO, please refer to Ajalon Print, Web, & Social Media's Youtube info page or business blogging package.

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