Online Marketing: Social Media Contests

Contest and Giveaways Attract Followers

There are a lot of marketing tools available to you across the world wide web, but one of the most effective ones has to be the social media contest. Social media networks are the perfect platforms to host deals and simultaneously spread the word about them.

So which networks are best for running contest? We think there are three that could work for you:


Facebook is one of the most popular networks in which to host a social media contest. Just make sure you are following their rules and guidelines for big Sweetpstakes. 

facebook contest

(contest expired)


Pinterest is turning into another popular avenue to host a giveaway. There are a few different ways to create your contest on this visual social network, as well. 

ajalon pinterest contest

(contest expired)


Twitter is one of the original places to host your social media contest. Keeping track of entries with hashtags and mentions makes hosting the contest easy on your end.

twitter contest tweet

(contest expired)


Need more ideas on how to run a social media contest? Check out unbounce’s post, full of ideas and inspiration for your next giveaway.

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