Social Media: Recent Changes to Facebook

Facebook does it again…and doesn't tell anyone.

Have you noticed some changes to your Facebook personal and business accounts in the last few weeks? There have been a roll out of changes and new features on the social media networking site, and you bet there will be more in the future!

Facebook never seems to bring its users up to speed with their updates. Let’s catch up with at least some of these changes!:

Photos and Albums

Do you think some of your photos deserve more attention within your photo albums than others? Now you can “highlight” your favorite photos. The photos become much larger than the others in your albums, gravitating followers eyes toward those that you want them to see.

 facebook changes photo albums


Facebook messages have gone through some changes as well. You can now reach friends of friends, and see who has viewed your message after you have sent it. Adding multiple photos to your messages is one feature we really like. You can also search through your messages by keyword. Pretty nifty stuff.

 facebook changes messages


What really makes us unhappy is the introduction of promoted posts, and the implementation of lists. At this point in time, without first promoting a status update, only about 10% of your followers see your new post. In order for a follower to see 100% of your posts, they will have to subscribe and add your page to list. We’ll see where Facebook heads next with this, as most business page owners are up in arms.

facebook changes lists


Sharing on Mobile Devices

You can now share content from your mobile device! This is great if you know your customers are constantly on the move. They can easily forward a special deal or new product posted to Facebook to their friends and family instantly.


How do you feel about the changes Facebook rolls out every month? Have you noticed any of them?

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