Sonoma County Cannabis Label Printing

Are you looking for quality printed labels for your local Sonoma County cannabis products? Here at Ajalon printing we have worked with many local cannabis companies to create eye catching labels that make their products stand out. We can do the same for you.

Getting your product noticed is important. Catching the eye of the customer and sparking a conversation about your brand image will drive sales. With the new recreational cannabis laws and all the different brands available, you're going to want a custom label that sets you apart and gets you off the shelf, into the hands of the customer.

That's where our expertise comes in. We have professional designers who aren't afraid to be direct and honest about being successful in today's competitive cannabis market.

foil cannabis label green and silver

Calicrop 420 silver and green foil cannabis label with black text.

Wild West Extracts product information insert card. The perfect way to give your customer pertinent information about what they are buying.

gold foil with green leaf terp champagne label

The Legion of Bloom custom foil terp champagne label.

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