Website Design Trends for 2014

Update your small business website for today’s trends

Websites for small businesses now require mobile compatibility and social media-style thinking. If you are re-developing your site for this year, or starting from scratch, keep user experience in mind.

According to research, the significant trends for 2014 include responsive design, simple design, and storytelling design.

Responsive web design means ditching the old set website rules. Websites now need to be smartphone and tablet friendly. Users want an enjoyable and seamless format, which works horizontally and vertically. is the perfect example:


Simple design: think minimalist and uncluttered. White web pages, clean type, and powerful imagery. Avoid trying to put every button imaginable on your site, or excessive design elements, just because. Tell your message as simply as has:


I love the idea of a storytelling design. Think compelling copy, bold imagery, and fun! Let your story unfold as the user scrolls down the page. is engaging, fun, and picture-book style. I love it!


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Written by Debbie

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