Why choose letterpress for your organizations printing? Letterpress is a specific printing process that offers you great depth and beauty to your printed piece. With the touch and feel of fine, often handcrafted, paper with the letters and image pressed into the paper, it conveys a message of quality. While more expensive than other printing methods, it can be surprisingly affordable.

Using letterpress gives you the option of using a wide range of paper, including Cranes Lettra, handmade, organic, and tree free. No other form of printing on paper allows you to utilize such a wide range of choices. The classic feel and finish of letterpress papers take us back to an era of quality and craftsmanship that is not often found today.

  • Event/Wedding Invitations
  • Luscious Business Letterpress Printing
  • Embossing, Die Cutting and Foil Stamping

You actually see and feel the deep impression of the type into the paper. This is not a process where a machine runs at such speed that parts are just a blur. It harkens back to a time when excellence was the desired result, not expediency.

Special events are a perfect use of letterpress printing. The design you choose-with its paper, style and wording-communicates more than just the time and date of your event. Your invitation sets the expectations for your gala or awards banquet.

We at Ajalon Printing work full time in the printing industry and are accustomed to working at the speed of next day delivery and the pace of commerce today with email, cell phone, instant messaging and the "need it now" expectations of business. But we also appreciate and practice the world of craftsmanship with honoring the materials and process of printing.

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