pens, mugs, etc.

Promotional Products

Is your business in the market for some custom promotional items for current or potential customers? In addition to traditional paper printing, we offer items such as pencils, key chains, golf balls, t-shirts, lanyards and more. All printed with your company’s name and logo.

Coffee cups, water bottles, travel mugs and thermoses are items that are used every day and appeal to a large group of people. These are some of the hottest promo items. For this reason they are a wonderful way to get your customers to remember and advertise for you.

Hats are another great promotional product. By selecting the right cap, visor, or beanie to fit your brand, your customers will be happy to sport your logo and get people talking.

Pens and pencils are probably the most popular item to both give and receive when it comes to promo products. Not only are they inexpensive, they are also necessary. This means that if you give them to your customers, they will be used often. They are also items that get borrowed and passed around more than other promotional products. This means that someone who has never heard of your brand may find themselves with your pen in her purse or drawer and will think of you next time they need auto repair or dental work.

Backpacks and other reusable bags are also gaining in popularity as more and more counties and states implement plastic bag bans, like here in California. Branded bags, are sure to be kept in the car or in someone’s purse and brought out every time they go to the mall or market. This type of bag is also great as a fundraiser for schools and sports teams. By printing your school name or mascot on bags, hats, or others spirit items, your boosters club is sure to make a pretty penny at the next ball game.

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